The Awaited Ones: An Introduction

Recognise these personalities today to avoid disappointment tomorrow!

Our world is changing. Hatred, animosity between nations and religions, and racism is increasing dramatically. Terrorism, extremism, fanaticism, and exploitation of Human Rights are becoming more common than ever before. Religions have divided humanity into many groups. Sub societies within a society are emerging rapidly. Religiosity has taken its toll on human lives. Peace is diminished from the hearts. An unknown and unclassified fear has plagued hearts and minds. Man is becoming weary of religions. Atheism is strengthening its roots in theists' minds. Hope is fading away. People are distancing themselves from God, and have shunned their spiritual quest to seeking God's love. The concept of life hereafter is fading away from Western Society. Religions without God are gaining popularity. Atheist Spirituality is being invented. The Word, "God" has almost lost its charm and respect in contemporary man. The world has come to a stage where we earnestly need the Awaited One.

divine signs

Some miraculous human images have become visible on the Moon, the Sun, Mars, Holy Black Stone (Mecca, Saudi Arabia), and various other places and objects. These images are an imprint of God's grandeur and a gospel of hope for the sinking hearts of humanity.

Look at these images carefully now. Tomorrow these great personalities shall emerge from the cloud of occult-hiding.

One of these personalities is that of Lord Jesus Christ who had ascended to the High Realms some 2000 years ago, and He is awaited by millions of devout Christians and other religions also.

The other one is the Divine Person who known by various titles in many religions. Many titles have been attributed to Him including those of Promised Messiah, the returning Mehdi, and the Awaited Kalki Avatar. This Divine Person has already descended on earth. His spiritual philosophy has already enlightened millions of men and women. His spiritual powers have already restored health in millions of people. His charismatic personality has united millions of hearts in eternal and mutual love. His mystical doctrine has already harmonised the physical and spiritual life of millions of men and women.

He does not claim to be God, yet His spiritual powers are limitless. He is the Hope we all await.

He is so humble, yet full of grace and bounty. His love for humanity is unconditional. All human beings regardless of their colour, creed, cast, religion or any background are equal in His eyes. His grace and bounty is equally benefitting all human beings. He confers on all human beings without prejudice or reservations. His immense spiritual powers endorse His eminence.

His name is Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. He has penned a marvellous text book for the seekers of enlightenment and divine love. You may read this sacred book, "The Religion of God", online at our website and now available on the iBookstore.

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