The Promised Messiah Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi On a Cosmic Mission to redeem Humanity

His spiritual sight purifies the hearts, revives the souls, and connects the man with God. His Holiness is the Unifier. He unifies all religions and faiths into Divine Love. His Spiritual Power cures the incurable.

His Divine Grace is for all human beings. His Holiness enlightens all the hearts and all the souls with God's love, no matter what religion or faith you belong to.

His Holiness heralds the Second Coming of Lord Jesus Christ. His Holiness Ra Gohar Shahi met Jesus Christ. Both His Holiness Ra Gohar Shahi and Jesus Christ have a pivotal role to play in near future. Jesus Christ and His Holiness Ra Gohar Shahi both grant love to humanity. Both Personalities, together are preparing the divine force to defeat the Anti-Christ.

Manifestation of the Divine Signs

God Almighty has manifested the images of Lord Jesus Christ and Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi on the surface of the Moon, the Sun, the Mars, the Nebula Star, the Holy Black Stone in Mecca, on various other objects and at many other locations around the world, which have been known to perform miracles such as conversing in all languages, healing ailments, and granting the name of God to the hearts of humanity.

Messiah Foundation International is a multi-faith Institution

Messiah Foundation International (MFI) advocates Divine Love. We promote the Teachings of Lord Ra Riaz and Lord Jesus Christ. MFI is a non-religious, multi-faith spiritual institution. MFI recognises all sorts of terrorist activities as Universal crime against Humanity. MFI comprises of people from all religions and faiths. MFI endeavours to introduce God's Religion (Divine Love) to the entire humanity. Divine Love is for all humanity. This divine facility is aimed at all God-loving souls, regardless of their religious or ethnical background. MFI understands that the only way to combat hate-preaching is to love-preaching. MFI warns that hate-preaching is well-supported by evil forces, and that the devil is working behind the scene. MFI suggests that love-preaching must have moral and spiritual support of Lord Jesus Christ and Lord Ra Riaz to effectively eradicate the hate-preaching from the society. Love is related to the heart. Love should not be a hollow slogan to confine to the lip-service only. The place of love is the human heart, and it comes as when the heart receives mystical guidance and continual flow divine energy from the Spiritual Master. The Spiritual Master revives the heart of the aspirant, and connects it with Lord Jesus Christ and God. Once the heart is connected with God, the aspirant is enabled to be in contact with God mystically. Such are the people that God and Jesus Christ support morally and spiritually with all the might.

Mysticism, the Spiritual Sciences

Worship by body is a ritual virtue, and it is part of a religious practice while worship by souls is divine love, and it is spirituality. There are two types of worship, Physical worship and spiritual worship. God's light is generated by any form of worship, but the physical worship cannot preserve God's light, and it is wasted. Worship by the heart and the soul is contained within them, and it is preserved. The enlightenment comes through the preserved light of God.

Functions of the Spiritual heart

His Lordship Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi initiates hearts with divine energy to spiritually activate them to connect with God. His Lordship explains that a spiritually revived heart could function like a telephone between a human being and God. It is the heart that connects a man with God.

Humanity needs Love and Peace- not Bombs

The immediate concern of the humanity is the constant rise of international terrorism. An organised group of Islamists is using the religion as an instrumental to achieve their personal deceitful agenda. The world, today wants to defeat the terrorists. The world wants to eradicate hate-preaching from the society. The question is how hate-preaching can be stopped effectively? The use of weapon tends to ignite the furnace of hatred even more profusely. The opposite of day is night. The opposite of war is peace. Similarly, the opposite of hatred is Love. The world society needs to spread love in order to displace hatred. The Humanity needs Divine Help now. The forces of devil are actively supporting the hate-preachers. The terrorists who crashed the planes into the twin-towers were smartly aided by evil forces to accomplish such a mind-boggling cold-blooded act. The Devil, of course was working behind the scene. Although they used God's name, they were demon-possessed.


Perhaps we are heading towards the prophesized final battle," Armageddon". This will be the end of all evil. The Peace will prevail. The Divine Kingdom will be established. Jesus Christ will defeat the Anti-Christ. Jesus will lead the armies of God against the armies of devil (Anti-Christ).

God-loving souls (religious or non-religious) shall gather around Jesus Christ and Lord Ra Riaz, forming the divine army. All hateful souls (religious or non-religious) shall support Anti-Christ. The Humanity will divide in two groups.
1-Supporters of Jesus Christ and Lord Ra Riaz
2-accomplices of Anti-Christ
The Armies of Jesus Christ shall crush the armies of Anti-Christ. Multitude of the evil army shall be eradicated, and the survivors will have no other option than to submit to the Kingship of Lord Jesus Christ.

After the atrocities like 9-11 in New York, it is established and it has become so obvious and apparent that Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden are the agents of the Devil and traders of death and hatred.

Food for Thought!

The time is high for the Lord Jesus Christ to show up in this world to save the humanity. God has already manifested his facial images on various sacred and celestial objects. All we need is to heed to the manifestation of Lord Jesus Christ. We need to turn to Jesus Christ now. We need to find the whereabouts of Lord Jesus Christ. A few years back, Jesus Christ was sighted in a hospital healing the patients. Jesus Christ visited the former American president Bill Clinton. Jesus Christ was sighted in Sri Lanka. Jesus Christ visited Beacon Hill Church in Virginia.